Other Industries

WCL can support many different industry’s staffing needs. With over 20 years of Staffing Agency experience through numerous industries, WCL has developed expertise in placing premier, high-quality talent in roles that fit.

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WCL Group can support the solar industry’s staffing and logistics needs in the installation and maintenance phases. With a strong logistics and project management background, WCL also has the capability to manage the operations supply chain from start to finish. WCL is positioned throughout all regions of the US and has a global reach as shown through our experience in the International Oil and Gas Industry.

List of Services for Solar


WCL Group’s skillsets translate specifically to the Manufacturing stage of the automotive industry. Our staffing capabilities consist of industry professionals with process and execution experience in many aspects of manufacturing. We focus on safety first in everything we do and instill in our team the importance of a safety-first mindset. Let us know how we can help you with your Automotive manufacturing staffing needs.

List of Services for Automotive

Mining & Resources

WCL Group’s executive team has roots in the mining industry and the capability to manage and supply clients with skilled personnel. Our staffing capabilities go beyond just supplying personnel to a client’s job site, but helping to manage the employees/consultants. We place an emphasis on a safety-first mindset in all that we do. Contact us for your mining and resources personnel needs.

List of Services for Mining and Resources