WCL Group Prides Itself on Pay Transparency

Ever been intrigued by a job posting only to hit a roadblock because they keep their pay under wraps? Or perhaps you’ve had a chat with a recruiter, and the pay details felt like classified information? Job hunting can be a maze, but at WCL Group, we’re here to simplify with our commitment to pay transparency.

In our world, both hourly and salary rates take center stage right from the first job posting. No more guessing games; we want you to invest your time wisely. We value your goals and want to ensure you’re pursuing opportunities that align with them.

Our clients typically provide us with a specified budget that they are looking for and we strive to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership by acting as advocates for both our candidates and clients, committed to securing the optimal match within those parameters.

When clients don’t clarify a range, we go the extra mile by conducting thorough market research. This ensures we establish a realistic and competitive pay range, guaranteeing a fair and enticing offer for both clients and candidates.

This approach sparks genuine, open, and honest conversations that resonate from the very beginning to end. When you work with WCL Group, pay transparency is not just a concept – it’s our way of making job hunting straightforward and rewarding.

Instant Declines: The Result of Contracting Taboo

“No thanks, I’m not interested in contracts. I am only targeting permanent roles.”

The stigma around contracting seems to perpetually exist in the job market. “They are unstable”, “they won’t lead to a permanent role”, “contractors are treated differently than full-time (FTE) employees”, “benefits are not as good”, etc.. Honestly, these are true scenarios in some cases, but certainly not for all. Think of it this way, we could say the same about permanent roles; the company is unstable (layoffs or “reduction in force”), the company’s promotion process is convoluted and nearly impossible to receive performance raises, some workers are treated more favorably than others, etc.. Yes, there are ways to eliminate contracting stigmas, but one must be open-minded. Let’s dive in.

Stability? Yes, it’s a rational thought that contracts can end at any time and with short notice. But guess what? So can your permanent job… *queue* the continuous 2023-2024 mass industry layoffs are a prime example of this. The stability of a permanent position is a false reality. The reality is, the word “permanent” is a placeholder for “contract” on your FTE offer letter, it’s misinformed, to provide a sense of stability.

Benefits? A permanent position generally offers better benefits vs. a contract position so it’s important to note that contract hourly $ rates are typically slightly higher than FTE hourly rates to compensate for this. Here at WCL Group, we offer Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, and 401k w/ 4% match. In addition, WCL understands how valuable our consultants are in their industry market and to the companies they choose to work for. In most cases, we help our contractors successfully negotiate more pay and benefits during the FTE conversion process due to the experience and knowledge of the company’s processes they can leverage. If there’s no FTE offer, we will match you to similar positions or teams that are hiring.

Inclusion? Every company handles its Diversity & Inclusion differently. The best thing a prospective contractor can do is research the company they are considering and then ask questions throughout the interview process. Ask your recruiter. Ask each interviewer you speak with. This will help create an image of the company culture and make sure it aligns with your own beliefs and values. 

Are you looking to gain more skills or perhaps make a career or industry change? Consulting is an amazing way to make those transitions, and oftentimes a lot more attainable than landing a permanent position. It’s a ‘try before you buy’ opportunity for YOU!

Next time a recruiter reaches out to share a contract opportunity, we challenge you to be open-minded because you never know if it will lead to your dream company, or provide an opportunity to gain more skills or financial abundance. Most importantly, ask questions BEFORE you say no and eliminate yourself.

Examples of questions to ask your recruiter, but most importantly, to ask the interviewers at the company!

  1. How does the company treat contractors? What feedback have you received from current or former consultants?
  2. What is the company’s history of extending or converting contractors?
  3. What benefits are offered to contractors? 
  4. What is the company’s history of layoffs?
  5. What is the reporting structure? How many contractors are on the team?
  6. If my contract were to end early, are there other roles or teams I can be considered for?
  7. Why is the contract currently slated for #months duration? 
  8. Where is the team currently at in the project lifecycle?

Don’t be so quick to rule out a job just because it’s a “contract.” It may be your opportunity to “try out” the company or industry before fully committing to it. If the recent industry workforce reductions have taught us anything- it’s to be open-minded, you never know where an opportunity might take you. 

-M.H. on behalf of WCL Group

WCL application process

The Power of Simplicity: Why WCL Group Embraces an Easy Application Process

In a world inundated with forms, procedures, and red tape, the phrase “application process” can elicit groans from even the most patient among us. But at WCL Group, we’re committed to being different. We’ve deliberately designed our application process to be simple, straightforward, and as user-friendly as possible. Why? Let’s delve into the reasons behind our approach.

1. Respecting Your Time

We understand that you’re busy. By streamlining our application process, we aim to minimize the hours spent on filling out lengthy forms or navigating confusing interfaces. We believe that by respecting your time, we’re not only enhancing your experience with us but also setting the foundation for a respectful, long-term relationship.

2. Reducing Errors

A complicated application process increases the likelihood of errors. Whether it’s misinterpretation of instructions or simple typos, the longer and more intricate the process, the more room there is for mistakes. By simplifying things, we reduce the chance of errors, ensuring that we get accurate information from the get-go. This also means fewer follow-ups or clarifications, streamlining the overall experience.

3. Resume Revision

When presenting candidates to our high-profile clients, we collaborate with you to refine your resume, emphasizing the most relevant experiences, qualifications, and keywords tailored for each specific role. Our recruiters are well-versed in best practices for resume formatting. This hands-on, streamlined approach not only ensures that your application stands apart from the competition but also resonates with our core value of making every step user-friendly and efficient for you. We believe that by alleviating the complexities of the application process, we can better showcase your strengths and enhance your chances of securing the right position.

4. Democratizing Opportunities

A complex application can deter potential applicants or clients. Not everyone has the time, patience, or understanding to navigate through a maze of requirements. Our simplified process ensures that everyone, regardless of their background or technical know-how, has an equal shot at opportunities.

5. Quick Responses

With a straightforward application process, our internal team can review and respond more rapidly. Instead of sifting through pages of redundant information, we can focus on the essentials. This not only speeds up our response time but also ensures that you get accurate feedback or results faster.

In Conclusion

At WCL Group, we view simplicity as a strength. By making our application process easy and efficient, we’re not just streamlining a procedure; we’re sending a message about who we are and what we value. We are committed to providing clarity, fostering inclusivity, and ensuring that every interaction with us is as positive and productive as possible.